Delivering Digital Experiences that Succeed

We combine our expertise in tech with your domain-specific knowledge to deliver digital experiences that earn revenue, cut costs, or capture happy users.

Develop & Conquer Innovation

Since 2016

D&C stands for Develop and Conquer; our name draws inspiration from our vision of developing and conquering innovation. We help our clients develop and conquer their inefficiencies through not only designing and building digital experiences but also transfer of knowledge, experience, and systems that can transform their companies.

D&C Innovation

It’s important to us, as your partner in tech, to make sure your team can carry the product forward long after the development phase is completed. We help your team reach a conquer-ready state through coaching.

Our values :

At D&C, we believe everything starts with developing and conquering the self. We have to develop and conquer our inefficiencies if we are to do the same for others. Our people are:


Naturally inquisitive and continuously looking for potential areas to improve on. Asking the right questions to relentlessly learn, pivot, adapt, and iterate.


We don't settle for just any solution, we collect data, analyze information, and come up with the right thing to do; the solution that will actually solve the problem.


If we take something on, we are personally binding ourselves to an agreement to deliver on what we promised. We take it very seriously.


Once we deliver on our responsibilities, we take accountability seriously; things have to be right or have to be made right.


The rule of honesty keeps us objective and emboldens all of our other core values by keeping us connected to the truth at all times.

Value Creators

We are focused on providing value at every level of operation. We aim to deliver value to our clients by creating digital experiences that can yield value for our clients.

Our Clients:

Build Digital Experiences that deliver actual value

Get Innovative & start the transformation