See how Smilin expanded their product line-up to cater to dental practices
A partnership to push fort development of multiple solutions simultaneously.




Team Augmentation
Web App Development
Discovery & Design


Horizontally scaling pre-existing infrastructure
Development & go-live of a payment reminder and collections system for accounts receivables
Integration with multiple partners such as Stripe, Sendgrid, Twillio, and PMS providers

The challenge

The Smilin team was on a mission to deliver a series of digital offerings for the dental clinics they had received Letters of Intent (LOIs) from. Their required digital experience involved 3 main components:  
  1.  A customizable payment planning and membership solution for patients
  2.  An integrated Accounts Receivable payment reminder and collection solution
  3.  Clinic discovery engine & realtime online appointment booking
  Implementation of the solutions required API-level integration with many partner service providers for payments, scheduling, and notifications as well as close collaboration with Patient Management Software providers to integrate closely for realtime booking.

The collaboration process

Our team collaborated with the Smilin team under two collaboration models simultaneously. We worked under the team augmentation model with the Smilin team for the development and deployment of the payment planning and memberships platform. Meanwhile we took on the discovery, design, and development of the other two solutions: clinic discovery & realtime online booking system and accounts receivable reminders & collections platform. Both solutions were designed and developed as multi-tenanted platforms that could cater to franchise clients of Smilin as well. Both solutions required close integration and collaboration with Patient Management System providers where our team collaborated with multiple vendors to design and develop interfaces for integration.
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