Fully managed product development that transitioned to the Team Augmentation collaboration model for the development of complex financial dashboards
Consilium Crypto, a successful Creative Destruction Labs (CDL) graduate startup working on blockchain-based enterprise solutions.


Artificial Intelligence


Team Augmentation
Web App Development
Discovery & Design


Collaborative design and discovery of user task flows
Fully managed development of complex dashboards
Transition to augmentation of the Consilium Crypto team with talented React developers

The challenge

Consilium Crypto is one of the first companies to offer enterprise level financial insights and liquidity routing in the cryptocurrency space. The Consilium Crypto team was in need of developing the front-end of their digital experience involving complex insight and trading user journeys.

The collaboration process

Our collaboration started by an expedited discovery and design process to have the development of the dashboards carried out as soon as possible. Our team took on the management and development of the React based front-end and eventually once the Consilium Crypto team was ready to take over the management of the development, we switched over to the team augmentation model to have Consilium Crypto move forward with the development of the responsive web app.
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