How Nobul launched a best-in-class responsive web and mobile experience in less than 4 months
In our partnership with Nobul, we were able to work on a mission together as a team to deliver a successful product launch.


Real Estate


Team Augmentation
Web App Development
Mobile App Development


Responsive Web Application launched in less than 4 months
Client-side application developed using React
Transitioned to the team augmentation model to maintain the platform

The challenge

In order to take their commercial real estate business beyond the bounds of traditional brokering, the enterprise wanted to disrupt the typical real estate experience by creating a digital experience that would cater to buyers, sellers, and agents in a scalable way. Allowing them to grow the firm exponentially using technology in a similar way Uber disrupted the Taxi business model.

The collaboration process

In the first phase of our partnership, the D&C team collaborated closely with the Nobul team to complete a discovery phase to draft business requirements, user personas, user journeys, user flows, wireframes, acceptance criteria, and finally the application User Interface (UI). The drafted UI along with the corresponding acceptance criteria was then used in the second phase by the D&C team to develop a best-in-class responsive web application that integrated with Nobul's private APIs. Upon product launch, we completed the D&C Knowledge Transfer process to hand-off the software development and maintenance process over to the Nobul team. Simultaneously, we switched over to the Team Augmentation collaboration model to help Nobul completely take over further product development and maintenance.
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